Security and Privacy


  • Trend: BYOD (bring your own device) for use at the office: how to keep employee’s personal data distinct from company data?

– Governance of data: personal versus company data
– Different levels of confidentiality: Need grading of data based on its confidentiality, lifetime and life cycle

  • Trend: how can consumers and companies know where their data is, who has access to it and who controls it?

– Governance and control of data: How many providers do I need to talk to get the above answers? Could an abstraction level and architecture to enable practical conversations?
– Needed: Easily understandable abstraction for exposure of data and what guarantees there are about the data, in SLAs. And how can that be measured, quantified, and verified?


  • How and when does data location impact data security?
  • What are the policy, economic and technical considerations of data localization versus cross-border data flows?

1. Consumer click-thru agreements vs negotiated agreements
2. Business models and evolution of use (e.g., getting “Instagramed”)

Data Protection
What kind of measures and regulations should the government take to implement, protect and at the same time allows the Public Sector to take advantages of customers’ behaviors and information related to their internet usage ? In addition, how government should access customers’ data in the case of authority investigation.

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