The Information and Communication Technologies have affected people’s way of life and created new habits and amenities that have been solving many of their everyday problems; however, they have brought together new problems such as those related to people’s safety, business, privacy, intellectual property, etc. The Society and Technology Study Center (or, CEST – Centro de Estudos Sociedade e Tecnologia, in Portuguese) was created at the Universidade de São Paulo in December, 2013, from grants by Microsoft Co. with the purpose of discussing these complex issues and providing meetings, involving developers, investigators, the society, and the government so as to organize these and other major issues and generate adequate answers and proposals, paving the way for solutions that go through habits, rules and developed applications. Some concepts transversal to all these themes such as the application into online education, creative currencies, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. are all themes prone to be problems or solutions of wide range and complexity, besides being the society’s general interest.