Work in progress

Collaborator: Marcel Jacques Simonette

Theme: Center of Studies with a focus on Information Technology

Abstract: The research activities are related to actions that the Center of Studies needs to carry out to strengthen the exchange between academic communities of the countries that also have a Center of Studies, mainly of Mexico and India. These activities demand interdisciplinary work as a way to produce knowledge about the social impact of technological development, especially on topics related to Information Technology, such as the impact of cloud computing.

Collaborator: Fabio Nascimbeni

Theme: Complexity, open societies, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): challenges for collaboration between universities in times of ICTs and Open Education

Abstract: The objective of the research project is to understand how higher education institutions are facing the complexity brought by advances in ICT and Open Education. It also aims to investigate these dynamics impact on the way universities collaborate for jointly creation of knowledge and open materials, students´ and staff´s virtual mobility, and research. The hypothesis is that Open Education is not only making collaboration faster and more fluid, but it is also changing its fundamentals, empowering all stakeholders involved in becoming more active in the collaborative process and increasing the complexity of the system.

Papers connected to this research:

Nascimbeni, F., Burgos, D. & Spina, E. (2018).  Que significa ser um educador aberto? Uma proposta de definição. EmRede, 5(2): 306-317.

Nascimbeni, F. and Spina, E. (2014). The increased complexity of Higher Education collaboration in times of Open Education. Campus virtuales, Vol. 3, n. 1, 102-108.

Nascimbeni, F., Spina, E., Tori, R.  & Queiroz, V. (2014). The complexity of Open Education: the case of Brazil. EDULEARN14 Proceedings (pag. 5687-5693), 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technology (EDULEARN), Barcelona 7-9 July 2014.

Collaborator: Aristóteles Moreira Filho

Theme: Information Technology Tools in the Generation of Technological Innovation: An Analysis of its Use according to Incentives of the Law of Good

Abstract: Incentives for the generation of technological innovation of Law n. 11.196/05 are a fundamental tool of the Brazilian development policy, leading to the innovative activity of the market by granting tax benefit in return for the accomplishment of inventive activities. On the other hand, information technology is a strategic strand in the field of innovation, either as an end (product or service) or as a means to develop new products or services.

This study aims to analyze the use of information technology tools in innovation development for the legal framework of fiscal incentives for technological innovation of Law 11,196 / 05.