Research papers

Research Papers
Processo Eletrônico: Avanço ou Retrocesso right_arrow
IoT based enhacement of educational services and resources right_arrow
Cultural Diversity Online. Between UNESCO, TTIP and net giants right_arrow
Le renouvellement de l’exception culturelle à l’ère du numérique right_arrow
Regard d’expert : Trois questions à Lilian Richieri Hanania right_arrow
Les directives opérationnelles et autres techniques de mise en œuvre de la convention sur la diversité des expressions culturelles dans un contexte numérique right_arrow
Le débat commerce-culture à l’ère numérique : quelle application pour la Convention de l’UNESCO sur la diversité des expressions culturelles au sein de l’économie créative? right_arrow
Final publication: Exploring the relation between Open Education and International Higher Education Cooperation right_arrow
Country reports on Open Education right_arrow
The increased complexity of Higher Education collaboration in times of Open Education right_arrow
The complexity of Open Education: the case of Brazil right_arrow
Micro-innovations and stakeholders engagement as drivers for systemic change in ICT-supported learning right_arrow
Toward IoT System Project: BRICS Mosaic Model and System Engineering Management right_arrow
BRICS Mosaic Model for IoT Feasibility Barriers right_arrow
Engineering Education to Consider Society in Systems Models right_arrow
Extending Essence Kernel to deal with IEEE Code of Ethics right_arrow
Ethics: extending human aspects in Way-of-Working right_arrow
PMBOK Five Process Groups and Essence Standard: Perfect Partners? right_arrow

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