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Bulletin Authors
Disruptive technologies and their reflexes upon the economy and governments Sirlei Pitteri 519672-178_Download-128
From Conflict to Agreement in the Digital Age Mário Magalhães 519672-178_Download-128
Heuristics, Social Networks and Algorithms Lucas Lago 519672-178_Download-128
Social Engineering and cybercrimes Marvin Ferreira 519672-178_Download-128
Diversity of cultural expressions and new technologies Lilian Richieri Hanania 519672-178_Download-128
Evolving Open Education in Brazil Fabio Nascimbeni 519672-178_Download-128
Intellectual property in Brazil: between delay and progress Maristela Basso 519672-178_Download-128
Uber x Taxi: The new old economy Vera Kerr Download