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Bulletin Authors
Predictive Policing Software Considerations Eduardo Bertassi
The funding of R&D between patents and tax incentives Aristóteles M. Filho
Publication of the source code for Brazilian electronic voting machines Lucas Lago
Electronic media for conflict resolution in Brazil – Paradoxes of an evolution Mário Magalhães
Recommendations for teachers and students on blended and distance learning formats in higher education Joyce Martins Mendes e Vera Queiroz
Environmental Impacts of Cryptocurrency Mining Lucas Girard
Human relations in the midst of digital connections Carol Abilio
Use of artificial intelligence to promote social inclusion Eduardo Bertassi
Reflections regarding knowledge production, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinarity Sonia Maria Viggiani Coutinho
The right to the quality of public services in Brazil must cease to be a favor Eduardo Bertassi
The end of net neutrality in USA and its outcomes for Brazil Eduardo Bertassi
Soft Skills in the Information Technology career Lucas Lago
Open Education: rethinking Education Vera Queiroz
Blockchain: trust through algorithms Lucas Lago
IoT and Industry 4.0 Rodrigo Filev
The importance of multistakeholderism in Internet governance Nathália Patrício
The Cities Digital Transformation and the Urban Planning Vision Lucas Girard
Smart cities? Society and Technology on debate Clovis Alvarenga-Netto
Tax incentives towards the generation of technology in Brazil and the Reform of the Good Law: a window is being closed Aristóteles M. Filho
Using Crowdsourcing for the Benefit of Society Eduardo Bertassi
Information Security in the Public Administration Vera Kerr
Disruptive technologies and their reflexes upon the economy and governments Sirlei Pitteri
From Conflict to Agreement in the Digital Age Mário Magalhães
Heuristics, Social Networks and Algorithms Lucas Lago
Social Engineering and cybercrimes Marvin Ferreira
Diversity of cultural expressions and new technologies Lilian Richieri Hanania
Evolving Open Education in Brazil Fabio Nascimbeni
Intellectual property in Brazil: between delay and progress Maristela Basso
Uber x Taxi: The new old economy Vera Kerr