Edison Spina

Founder and Coordinator

PhD / Doctor’s degree in Computer Engineering by the School of Engineering of Universidade de São Paulo (EP-USP); Auditor Leader ISO 9000 (1995); MSc / Master’s degree in 1990 (EP-USP) and Electronic Engineer in 1981 (EP-USP); Freelance Advisor in Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (1987), Quality and Management of Projects (1998); Director of Antares Eletrônica Ltda. (industry, 1986-2000), Project Manager at the Foundation for Engineering Technological Development – FDTE, Electronic Security Systems Analyst (LCA and GAS / PCS); Assistant Lecturer with the Department of Computer Engineering and Digital Systems – PCS (EP-USP) since 1988; Member of the Knoma – Laboratory of Knowledge Engineering; Coordinator of the Study Center Society and Technology of USP; Council Member of the Committee of Sciences and Technology of OAB (Brazilian Bar Association); Coordinator of the Brazilian Teams of European Projects INSTINC (FP6), BELIEF (FP6), BELIEF 2 (FP7), VertbrALCUE (Alfa3), and eMundus (Erasmus Mundus); Member of the Committee for International Relations of the School of Engineering of USP (EP-USP); and Advisor of the Executive Board of the Menon Group (Brussels).

Lattes Curriculum