Marcel Jacques Simonette

Graduated in Electrical Engineering (1991) and Master’s degree (2012) by the School of Engineering of Universidade de São Paulo (EP-USP); currently, he is a doctoral student at EP-USP, and is experienced in projects of the European Community Framework Program: FP6: Bringing Europe’s Electronic Infrastructures to Expanding Frontiers (BELIEF); and FP7: BELIEF 2, projects destined to the elaborations of technical studies about themes involving Electronic Infrastructure in Latin America, India, South Africa, and Europe. Also, he participated in the VertbrALCUE project of the European Community Alpha3 Program, in which he carried out technical studies and models of e-Infrastructure systems to constitute a Common Area between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. His research area involves Social-Technical Systems; worked on the development of banking automation systems at Sid Information Technology; performed at BCP Telecommunications and at Claro, where he led the development of the cellular phone network supply, the integration systems with the pre-pay lines, and the BAE-BCP Architecture Enabler – a system of components that allowed partners to access value-added services of the mobile phone network.

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