AI, Ethics and Law: A perpetual dialect relation

Professor Emmanuel Goffi, Ph.D., and a group of researchers gather on April 10 2021 to discuss some important aspects of artificial intelligence.

The debate was an opportunity for Law researchers, Engineers, Philosophers, among others, to be aware of the importance of the interdisciplinarity of the theme.

We hope that we could have answered questions, such as How significant ethics is for the programming of AI. The Law(s) that should rule AI regulations.

The Scientific committee is composed with: Edison Spina, Ph.D., Fábio Ramazzini Bechara, Ph.D., Felipe Chiarello de Souza Pinto, Ph.D., Gianpaolo Poggio Smanio, Ph.D., Juliana Abrusio Florêncio, Ph.D., Marco Aurélio Pinto Florêncio Filho, Ph.D., Thiago Felipe S. Avanci, Ph.D., Vera Queiroz, Ph.D., Zélia Luiza Pierdoná, Ph.D., Lara Rocha Garcia, M.Sc., Patricie Barricelli Zanon, M.Sc., Diego Almada, LL.B.

This event could count on the support of Mackenzie’s Law School Internationalization Support Team

The video of the event is available here .