Article on the use of analytical techniques for decision making in relation to the selection of people was accepted in the 16th CONTECSI

CEST researchers’ article, Analytical Decisions for Whom? A Case Study on HR Analytics for Personnel Selection was accepted at the 16th International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management (CONTECSI) to be held May 29-31, 2019 at the Faculty of Economics and Administration of USP (FEA) -USP).

Researchers Italo Alberto and Edison Spina conducted a study whose main goal was to conduct an investigation into the level of adoption of HR Analytics in a process of selection of people, where experiments were conducted through a case study with predictive classification tools and exploratory criteria on the selection process of a civil society organization to check possible biases in selection.

According to researcher Italo Alberto, the use of Analytics techniques for decision-making about people, also called People Analytics, already has in its own definition the idea of being evidence-based to make better decisions about people in an organization. But despite the term ‘better decisions’ in its definition, it is necessary to draw attention to possible risks on the use of Analytics, especially to deal with decision about people.

From this, this study seeks to make use of Analytics to try to understand and highlight what are these possible biases generated by human decision making on the selection of people, to thereby contribute to the decrease of such biases. The researcher hopes that this type of analysis to identify possible biases can contribute to fairer selection processes that may reduce possible discrimination.

The article will soon be available on CONTECSI´s page and CEST´s publication page.