III Seminar on Intellectual Property in the Information Society – Copyright and Artificial Intelligence

The event was held on May 24, from 08:30 to 13:00, in auditorium 1of the Faculty of Law of USP

The Society and Technology Study Center (CEST) held the III Seminar on Intellectual Property in the Information Society with a focus on Copyright and Artificial Intelligence.

The following speakers attended the seminar:

The event featured two discussions panels with the speakers aiming the following objectives:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Copyright by means of International Intellectual Property Law;
  • Reflecting on the current international treaties that protect the author’s production in the Information Society;
  • Analyzing the management of Copyright in the virtual environment, the nature of artificial intelligence (AI) and its forms of interaction with society;
  • Identifying what types of works / products are created or developed through artificial intelligence and how to give them legal treatment;
  • Discussing whether artificial intelligence presents challenges not addressed by current legislation and what these challenges would be;
  • Identifying how to apply copyright concepts to results (products / works) created exclusively or with AI interfaces;
  • Discussing possible ways to improve the legal treatment of the outcome of artificial intelligence and its applications.

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Details of the Event’s Location
Auditório 1 of the Faculty of Law of USP
Largo San Francisco, 95 (map)
Center, São Paulo – SP